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12/08/07 - is almost here! The beta site should be online by New Years! is...

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What is
       It's everything RateARod was and a whole lot more! All the features of RAR will be intact and may be found by clicking on the RateARod link in the navigation bar. But now there's also fights, videos, groups, blogs, forums, events and more. Every account has it's own profile and URL such as<username>. You can browse and search profiles by location and more, and use the built-in email, chat, and instant messenger to communicate with other members.

What are Cock Fights?
       Cock Fights is one of the coolest new features of It's similar to RateARod, but instead of showing you one penis to rate, it shows you two cocks, and you simply click on the one that wins the fight! You're then shown the stats for each of the pics, represented by the percentage of fights won. The leader board shows the pics with the highest winning percentage, similar to the RAR Hall Of Fame.

What other new features does have?
       Each pic on the new RateARod, powered by, has two ratings; Member and Non-Member. The votes of users who are logged into their accounts are counted as Member votes. Since members may only rate each pic once, the Member Rating is a much more accurate score and is used for ranking in the Hall of Fame.

       When you upload a pic to, you can choose whether or not to include it in RateARod/CockFights, or to only include it in your personal gallery. Pics that are included in RateARod/CockFights must meet the strict submission guidelines. Pics that are only in your personal gallery and not in RateARod/CockFights don't have to meet those requirements. They can show other people, cumshots, and more. In fact, pics in your personal gallery don't even have to include your penis. When submitting pics you can also choose whether or not to allow comments for that picture. is equipped with standard social networking functions. Profiles, friends lists, bulletins, blogs, groups, events, comments, chat, IM and more. You can even upload videos and display them on your profile.

How does the account import process work?
       We've worked hard to make the import process quick and easy. You'll simply login to using your RateARod username and password. Follow the instructions to update your account and import your pics/stats from RAR. If you have more then one account on RAR you'll be able to merge them into a single account, providing they all use the same email address. Your account will still be live on until is out of the beta stage, which means that technically you'll have two sets of stats. However, eventually will cease operation and your RAR links will automatically forward to your profile.

What if I have more then one RateARod account?
       If you have multiple RAR accounts and they share the same email address, then you'll be able to merge them into a single account. Just login using any of your RAR accounts to start the import.

What about links to my RAR page(s)?
       Any links that point to your RateARod page(s) will automatically forward to your new profile on

What about my stats?
       All your stats will be imported to as the "Non-Member" rating. Each pic on the new RateARod has two ratings; Member and Non-Member. The votes of users who are logged into their accounts are counted as Member votes. Since members may only rate each pic once, the Member Rating is a much more accurate score.

Will be free?
       Yes! will carry on RateARod's motto of being "Free, fun, and really addicktive!". However. there are plans to possibly implement a "premium" membership that will give free account holders who choose to upgrade more storage space and other premium features. The core features of will always be free.

When will be live?
       The beta version should be online and ready for you to import your account by New Years!

04/02/07 - RateARod is Evolving into DICK.NET!
It's official! In the coming months, is going to be evolving into DICK.NET, an all new site with TONS of new features! Don't worry, all the things you love about RateARod will still be here, plus a lot more. The site will be using all new code on the backend, and will be much faster and (hopefully) bug free! Stay tuned for more info...

01/05/07 - Login Now Required To Post Comments
Due to abuse, all users must now enter a valid user/pass in order to post comments.

09/01/06 - Semi Category Added has been nominated for Best Free Adult Site in the 7th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards!!! Click here to vote!

03/27/06 - Pic Directory Added
There is now a RateARod Pic Directory which lists every picture on the site by the first two letters of the usersname. It's a hot new way to surf!

11/22/05 - Chat Panel Added
RateARod Chat (beta) has launched. The chat panel will appear on the left hand side of the page, and will refresh every time you rate a pic. You may also use it to send private chat messages to specific users. Click here for more info.

10/24/05 - Terms of Use Updated
Our Terms Of Use has been updated with language that prohibits attempting to manipulate ratings by repeatedly voting for the same picture.

10/17/05 - Server Upgrade Completed
We have upgraded to a new server. It's super fast and has plenty of headroom for growth.

06/05/05 - "More of this user" feature added
Links to all of a users other pics, if they have any, are now listed under the rating selection area.

06/05/05 - "More of this user" feature added
Links to all of a users other pics, if they have any, are now listed under the rating selection area.

06/04/05 - RateARod Mobile (BETA) Is Here
Now you can take RateARod with you anywhere with your web enabled mobile device, through (Shortcut: View/rate pics, check your stats, and even create an account, all through your cell phone, Sidekick, PSP or other web enabled wireless device! If you have an onboard camera, you can even submit your pic right from your mobile device!

RAR Mobile is currently in beta phase. If you have a web enabled device, we invite you to try (Shortcut: and send us your feedback, good or bad. If possible, please include the type of phone/device you're using and your wireless carrier. We'd love to know which devices/carriers the site works fine on, and which experience problems.

06/02/05 - Major Upgrade Completed
Last night a major upgrade was performed on You may notice a few changes, but believe me, the changes are much deeper then what you see on the surface. The entire "backend" of the site was re-written from PERL to PHP/MYSQL. With the new system now in place, it will be much easier to implement new features in the future. Among the changes already in place:

  • RAR logo/username now appear on every image. Users can move the placement of the logo via the stats area.
  • User Lookup form in left hand column to search for a certain user.
  • Easier direct linking:
  • Stats are no longer reset when a user changes the categories a pic is listed in. This does, however, still take the pic out of voting until the change is approved.
  • All "clone" accounts (any account with ~ in the username) that did not have a pic uploaded were deleted.
  • Comments you leave can now be linked to your rating page

More to come! - DH

12/28/04 - I've arranged for each and every member of RateARod to receive 15 minutes of viewing time for free ($3.75 value) at either or There are no strings attached and you don't need a credit card. There are over 30,000 full length videos to choose from, so I'm sure you'll find something you like. In fact, you can even watch one of my movies. Just search for director Dick Hunter. RateARod members, receive your free time token using this form. If you're not already a member of RateARod, sign up for free here.

10/02/04 - A list of the newest pics to be posted is now available. Just click the "Newest Pics" link on the main page.

09/29/04 - New pics are now approved daily!

09/03/04 - RateARod joins CockTheVote registration drive.

01/22/04 - RateARod now has over 10,000 penis pics available for rating!

05/15/03 - Updated site for easier navigation.

05/28/02 - Howard Stern visits, tells Robin and listeners. Click here for more info.

04/25/02 - Chat room added! Click here to launch.

03/09/02 - is here! Click here to post your ass pics!

11/03/01 - RateARod merchandise is now available in our online store. Check out of Penis Inspection Crew tee's and logo mugs!

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